Easy ideas for making your apartment space feel larger

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When decorating an apartment there are many things you can do to make a small space feel BIG. More and more people are transitioning from buying homes to renting apartments instead. According to a study done by The Pew Research center, there are more renters now than any time since 1965. More people are downsizing, and we want to help you transition!


There are a few simple things that you can do that are easy peasy to open up your space.


Firstly, pull your furniture away from the wall. When pieces are pushed up against the wall it can make a space feel cramped. Giving yourself a few inches in between your furniture pieces and your wall will open things up and feel larger.


Invest in a multi-purpose item! Ottomans can be purchased with storage inside of them, coffee tables open up and allow you to store blankets or books. You’re saving space while making things look tidy.


Follow the cantaloupe rule! Many interior decorators will tell you that any decorative piece smaller than a cantaloupe will crowd a space, making it feel cluttered. Go big! Don’t they say everything is bigger in Texas?


Skip the curtains. More light will give your space more depth. More depth means your place will be perceived larger. Plus! No need to turn on lamps during the day.


Do you have any tips for fellow apartment dwellers? Let me know down below! And let me know if any of these worked for you.

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